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"Workshops designed with the Cat Caregiver in mind!"
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Workshop Outline here. Our full-day cat care workshops are designed with the cat caregiver in mind,
especially those contemplating cat care businesses such as short-term/long-term cat boarding, lifetime cat care
and retirement homes for cats. All cat lovers are invited to attend: individuals, partners, veterinarians,
pet sitters, pet groomers and cat shelter/cat rescue organizations!

It is no surprise that as more and more households own pets, pet industry expenditure -- including cat care -- continue their steady growth. And people are more and more mobile as each year passes, traveling to relocate for jobs, military assignments, retirement or simply for extended vacations. So the future of cat care is looking up! And whether it's high-quality food , retail products or boarding there is a growing trend toward luxury in pet care. High-end pet services are one of the many areas of the pet industry that is seeing significant growth. Offering luxury cat care can bring in new business and increase your profits!

What follows is information on the industry that helps to back up growth claims:

There were approximately 95.6 million cats living in households in the United States in 2017. In the same year, 68 percent of all U.S. households owned at least one pet. This is a 10%+ increase from 1988!

In the US, pet owners are expected to spend over $75 billion on their pets in 2019. That's up 26% in 5 years and up 66% in 10 years! In 2018, $73 billion was spent on our pets in the US of which $6.11 billion was spent on pet services* which include cat care.

The pet care market – including cat boarding services – shows continued growth, thanks in part to the rise in the adoption of pets, growing at a significant growth rate. People are spending more on their pets and more and more people consider their pets to be a part of their family, which is driving high end/premium market growth (such as luxury cat boarding). Millennials are choosing pets over children until they're more settled, too.
This Old Cat The US pet care services market includes about 17,000 establishments (single-location companies and units of multi-location companies). The industry includes animal shelters. The profitability of an individual pet care company depends on marketing skills, reputation, and the range of services offered. (3) And while larger companies may enjoy economies of scale in marketing and investing, smaller businesses in this industry often have the edge to effectively compete by specializing in particular companion animals or types boarding or by serving an exclusive area.
This Old Cat Pet Grooming & Boarding Industry

The Pet Grooming & Boarding industry** has nearly doubled over the past decade. Demand for pet grooming, boarding, training and walking is at an all-time high due to rising pet ownership, improved disposable income and changing consumer preferences regarding pet care. Over the five years to 2019, revenue is anticipated to grow at an annualized rate of 6.2% to $9.0 billion, reflecting a rise in consumer spending on price-premium pet services. Revenue has posted consistent gains and is continuing to outpace the overall economy. Industry revenue is expected to increase 1.5% in 2019 alone. Pet parents have been purchasing a greater range of high-value services for their pets, contributing to industry revenue growth.
Over the five years to 2024, Pet Grooming & Boarding Industry** revenue is forecast to continue growing. Increasing pet ownership will likely increase demand for services and rising per capita income will enable more owners to be able to afford luxury services.

While there always is risk involved when starting your own business, market history and forecasts are looking very good for your new cat care business. And with over 95 million cats in the US a lot of your success depends on developing your own, specialized cat care business for just a few dozen felines at a time!

*Businesses in the "Pet Services" category provide grooming, specialized training, and boarding services for companion animals
**Standardized industry reports lump pet grooming, pet training, pet boarding, pet sitting and dog walking into one “Pet Grooming & Boarding Industry”
Source references:
(1) American Pet Products Association, Inc. (APPA)
(2) Grand View Research, Inc.
(3) Dun & Bradstreet, Inc.
(4) IBISWorld

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